Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coney island revisited

After several decades I've come back to Coney Island at last!!! The only place I've come back to that I visited as a child.

More celebrations

Luli with birthday cake July 2009 at Aurther Ave. There with De, Linda, Jane, Susie, Sarah and myself. Good time was had by all

And here we have the birthday of my great pal De at a really wonderful little place right in Manhattan called Janes. Great food and atmosphere. Aug 2009.

Celebrating with close friends

Celebrating birthdays is one of our favorite things to do. Here are just a few photos of some of these events:

Characters in this group are: Ray, Mike, Gerry, Linda, Barb, Val and of course Susie whos birthday this is. New Haven 2008.

Monday, August 24, 2009

                                                                                                           Here we have Molly, our most recent addition to the family born 10-9-08. She gives everyone else a run for their money even Fay and myself. We all dance to her tune.
Hello bloggers,
To begin with, here are photos of my little fury faced family. Top left is Murry the cat then to the right is a funny photo of my little Mardy (the first). Just to the left is a great shot of the Shih Tzu family starting with Molly (the baby) then Mardy and Lenny (the main man)
These are the people that I hold very dear and this person is the closes to me, my house mate and near and dear friend for more than two decades, Fay.


And here are two great pals Linda and daughter Sarah who have been part of the landscape of my life for twenty seven years and still going I hope for a very long time.